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Runway 2 at MSFW this year opened with the face of MSFW, Elodie Russell, wearing flats in Carly Hunter. The rest of the show was mostly sport-luxe and minimal. These are some of our favourite snaps from the showings by Carly Hunter, Alice McCall, Life with Bird, Kahlo, Lui Hon, Manning Cartell, Neo Dia, Willow and YB J'aime.

Unfortunately we didn't have the "good" camera for Runway 3 and we're bailing on Runway 4 to celebrate Kat's birthday! All in all, MSFW was exhausting but a lot of fun. Between us, we both experienced the ins and outs of Fashion Week in Melbourne - from the organisers perspective and working with designers to present a runway collection. Michelle was even privy to some male model fittings...ahem. We met some amazing people and if we have one thing to take away from it all, be nice to everyone because that's how the canapés get to you first.