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If you've been following our Instagram (@two_halves) you'll know that I am currently galivanting around Europe. We had Dink Trips plan our itinerary for us, without which we would be completely and utterly LOST. In a bad way. The 4th pitstop in this holiday extravaganza was Cinque Terre. Holy moly, it's amazing. Bullet points ahead; - we stayed in Manarola (what appeared to be the quietest town) - 20 euro for two sunbeds, umbrella and private beach area = worth every penny - we didn't do the hike because food omg all the food - this is a romper from Zara, from the children's section. #noregrets

Wearing Zara romper, Lack of Colour straw fedora, Reality sunglasses, Birkenstocks. Photos by Chris