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Back in September, Venice was the second stop on our whirlwind European vacation - what an incredible place. Sitting in the cosy streets, drinking beer and Aperol spritz into the night; meandering through the labyrinth of canals and dead ends; eating our weight in pizza and pasta; forking out what felt like a fortune to experience a gondola ride in all its glory - take me back!

To top it all off, we saw Matthew Goode (Watchmen, Match Point, Stoker) filming a movie on location, and he totally joked about something to us, but we were a little starstruck and kind of just laughed along without really understanding what he said.

Accommodation: expensive. We opted for a rustic Air BnB in a quiet corner. Worth it. Where to eat/drink: Our favourite places were Cantina Dos Spades (Two Swords) and Muro Venezia Rialto - you won't regret the proscuitto/truffle bun Shop: once you ignore the guys yelling "SELFIE", shopping isn't the best. Just a tad expensive and on the creepy Venetian-doll-mask side. Walk: everywhere. Unless you can boat. Then boat.

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