Lately we've been completely run off our feet, with Michelle growing a human and myself making travel plans, saying we've been busy is an understatement. So when we finally decided it was about time we hit the pause button, we booked ourselves in for a treatment at HÜD via Beauro, a new nifty app where you can browse and book beauty services across Melbourne, incredibly convenient for those who may not have time to scour Google to find the best salons and deals...aka most of us.

Upon arriving at HÜD, we were greeted by the lovely owner Gry and her partner, and discovered HÜD's stunning Scandinavian decor was inspired by Gry's Norwegian heritage. As avid lovers of Scandinavian style, we instantly felt comfortable and at home. After filling out an extensive form to find out all about our skin and general health, we were led to our cozy treatment room upstairs and eagerly slipped into our fluffy robes. We began our treatments with a luxurious foot soak and exfoliation, using a coffee scrub made in-house. Then it was straight into our massages. Michelle opted for the Tid For Meg (Time Out For Me) treatment which included a heavenly 30 min back massage, customised facial, finished off with a neck and head massage. I went with the Varm + Kald (Hot & Cold) treatment, an incredibly invigorating experience using hot and cold therapy to relax sore muscles. I must say, at first the sensation of cold stones against my skin was quite a shock, but after the first time I settled into the rhythm and it truly was an enjoyable sensation. Gry later explained that treating the body with alternating temperatures, allows the muscles to open & release easily, assisting in relaxation and detoxification. Definitely a must-try for those suffering from chronic pain or simply wanting to try something different!

Once finished, we peeled ourselves off our beds and floated down to another Pinterest worthy room with luscious green hanging plants and relaxing rocking chairs where a pot of peppermint tea awaited us, a lovely way to end our treatments. Needless to say we left HÜD feeling completely and utterly relaxed, adamant to allow ourselves to press pause more often! Thank you to Gry and her wonderful team for treating us!

If you too are in need of some time out, head to HÜD's website to browse their extensive treatment menu which even include brow shaping and tanning services, and download the Beauro app to book! You can use our code "TWOHALVES" to receive 10% OFF any treatment you choose, valid until the end of April. Enjoy! xx