'Tis the season for dry, dull, flaky, good-for-nothing sluggish skin. So, no better time than the present to bring in the big guns of skincare if you want to survive the environmental onslaught that is winter in England. Enter Malin + Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil, a heavenly elixir of 9 essential oils with powerful anti-ageing properties including evening primrose, argan, and jojoba to soften fine lines and add hydration; grapeseed and rosehip to improve elasticity and protect against free radical damage; geranium and borage to balance oil production and reduce inflammation (that means reducing redness after your skin has been slapped silly in the wind and rain!) and finally for good measure, avocado and camellia to comfort and soften the skin.

I like to apply 5 drops to my face and neck at night, pressing it in with the palm of my hands followed by my night cream. It absorbs quickly but does tend to leave a slight sheen on the skin which is why I prefer to apply in the PM. It also has quite a strong lavender scent which may not be for everyone, but I really love it as it helps me to relax and wind down after a long day. I've noticed my skin is a lot more hydrated after just one week of consistent use and the overall tone and texture has really improved. One for both the guys and girls, it's a winter skin saviour!