In recent times, nail art has become just as much of a focus as the clothes we wear, earning its status as THE must-have accessory. We constantly see the latest celebrity and catwalk nail art trends splashed across our fave beauty blogs and an outfit doesn't seem complete anymore without colour, glitter and jewels adorning your tips. 
Inspired by the leopard print, colour blocking and general awesomeness of Josh Goot's Resort '14 collection, we teamed up with the lovely Aussie nail polish & jewellery brand, Kester Black, to create Goot nail art (FYI: the best kind of nail art!). Michelle got her nails did with the super-talented Gundeep of Cuteicles, who mind-blowingly recreated Goot's pieces with such precision and the steadiest hands in all of Melbourne. What resulted are the most fashionable, lust-worthy nails I've ever laid my eyes on and Michelle's very nifty gifs to show y'all the process. Enjoy! 
Pssst! Loving these Kester Black nail colours? Be sure to watch this space as we just might have some to give away! You didn't hear it from us...

Photography by Gundeep Sohanpal // Editing by Michelle Le