It's not over yet and there are still two more days for me to attend, but I just wanted to share some of the snaps from NZFW so far. Big thanks to Gorman for outfitting me this week in their new collection! Monday's post will be a little different; focusing on what I wore at NZFW instead.
A collection for the intellectual girl, at Twenty Seven Names
Images from 3 News
From my personal Instagram @mishfactorial
Goths and gypsies at Stolen Girlfriends Club
Twenty-Seven Names "I'M LOST" highlights: 
The show started off with old school Mariah Carey's "Fantasy", which totally got me in the mood for what was to come. I love being able to sing along to show music, and was so in my element when "You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon started playing?! Agh, I am so lame. It's seriously one of my favourite video clips too - see for yourself.
The models wore flats and had very California Cool side-swept hair too. You want to be friends with this girl. 
Super fun prints in simple silhouettes - you just can't go wrong. I was lucky enough to randomly meet the designers about 20 minutes ago, and obviously had to tell them I loved the collection. I might've managed some coherent words, but am not promising much.
Stolen Girlfriends Club "DIRTY MAGIC" highlights:
At first glance it looked like the models were wearing red contact lenses, which was so trippy. They looked like True Blood vampires in tears (side bar: that show should've ended at least 4 seasons ago, but glad they've finally come to their senses)
Ummm they played The Kills "No Wow". Enough said.
Apparently Zara Mirkin styled this runway (will confirm) and it definitely had an editorial vibe. There were some great separates that would fit into anyone's wardrobe.