I am currently on holiday! This was written in the past because I'm probably glacier-hiking at this very moment. 
Behold: my travel essentials.
A cheap pair of sunglasses that look good, and won't break the bank if you lose or sit on them. I always bring at least two pairs.
Something big enough to carry all your things, but small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. Zips and clasps essential.
Two words: crying babies.
Keep all your documents in one easy-to-reach spot. Passport, itineraries, important phone numbers, the address of your hotel, etc.
Bonus points for remembering a pen.
POP QUIZ, HOT SHOT: Sydney to Dallas is the longest non-stop flight you can take from Australia, with a scheduled flight time of 15 hours and 25 minutes. What do you do? Might as well try and get comfortable.