As promised, here are my rants and ravings for my July beauty picks: 

 Having been a long-time devotee of Nars Luster Blush, which for those who don't know is a delightful peachy blush with the most subtle gold shimmer, I was very excited to try one of the latest additions to Nars' limited edition designer collabs. Having already teamed up with legendary pop art pioneer, Andy Warhol, earlier this year, my man Francois commanded the attention of all footwear aficionados by pairing up with French shoe designer, Pierre Hardy, and designing a limited edition collection of six nail polishes and two blushes that heavily borrow from the shoe designer's 2013 collection. Rotunde reflects Hardy's love for geometric shapes, with a gorgeous gold pressing of the designer's avant-garde iconic print. It's a highly pigmented coral cheek colour that allows you to achieve a subtle flushed look yet also build for more impact. The gold pressing provides an illuminating finish but is not overly shimmery, and I find myself using it as an all-over eyeshadow. Other major perk is that Rotunde is noticeably larger than the average Nars blush which means I'll be using this baby for years to come! (Nars colours are renowned for their longevity!). Only criticism I have is that the striking gold design is so beautiful to look at, I have to restrain myself from using it too often!
For noses that prefer masculine scents as opposed to sickly sweet, fruity or floral concoctions, this is the candle for you. Upon the first whiff, you are transported to a cozy cabin in the mountains, toasting marshmallows upon a log fire. With the heady scent of earthy wood and smoky timber, Woodzip creates the most relaxing and sensual ambience. I also adore the concept behind Popup Paris. Firstly upon opening the box, the brightly coloured folds of the origami-like packaging expands, making the candle appear to "pop" out of the box. Second to this is that 1 in 50 Popup candles a 0.25 carat diamond lies hidden within the wax! It is placed halfway down, so as you burn through your shiny rock will "pop" out! No sign of any diamond for me yet, but here's hoping! 

I've been a long-time user of Cell Food and I am well and truly hooked. I hate the feeling of slippery slick on the skin that some heavier serums can leave, Cell Food goes on slippery but is quickly slurped up by my skin with no residue in sight (or touch). Particularly in the Winter months when my skin becomes dehydrated and flaky, this botanical serum is like superfood making it the perfect remedy for long-haul flights too. It is packed with skin-loving ingredients including powerhouse antioxidants Green Tea and Co-Enzyme Q10 to fight free radical damage, Aloe and Rose Damask (which also provides a divine natural fragrance) to sooth and calm angry skin, and Elemental Herbology's own patented ingredients including Kombuchka and Phylderm Vegetal C2 which help to stimulate cellular renewal to increase radiance. Having used Cell Food for a couple of years now, I have definitely seen a decrease in uneven skin tone and an increase in dewiness and clarity. One pump is enough for the whole face and pressing it into the skin will help deliver the powerful ingredients deep into the dermis. 
I had always heard good things about Dr. Hauschka's products via beauty websites and glossy mags, they particularly appeal to me being 100% natural and their ingredients are grown organically and biodynamically containing not a trace of chemical additives, so as a natural skincare lover I'd been hankering to try the range! Having just finished my daily moisteriser, I thought I'd give the Moisturizing Day Cream a go. Its ingredients list reads like an organic healthy snack bar with Apricot, Sweet Almond, Peanut, Sunflower, Jojoba oils mixed with Carrot and Wheat extracts. It is for normal to dry skin types but has a very light texture and feel. The consistency is just the way I like my moisterisers, thin and slippery yet sinks into the skin within seconds. Dr. Hauschka advises all his creams and serums to be applied with a pressing motion and I much prefer this style of application. I feel that the heat from your hands help to 'melt' the product, binding it with your skin. I'm a huge fan of the pump bottle, (I find it so icky dipping fingers into a tub of moisteriser!), and the other bonus is that it smells amazing! A relaxing blend of Sweet Almond upon application which then dissipates and leaves a lingering uplifting scent of citrus. Yum!

Having won beauty awards left, right and centre and an all-time favourite with beauty editors and brides alike, Essie's Ballet Slippers is the perfect shade of pink perfection making it fit for a Queen. (For realzys! Apparently Her Majesty would only wear Ballet Slippers on her tips! True story!). I can see why this iconic nail polish makes for a great everyday nail colour, it's not too girly 'Barbie' pink but is still delicate and feminine. Ballet Slippers glides on and with two coats, results in a beautiful opaque pale pink finish. Every girl needs this in their beauty arsenal! 

Images by my super talented partner in crime, Michelle Le